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Conductive Hollow Glass Microspheres with silver coating

2020-10-26 16:42:27 864

Hollow glass microspheres are coated with silver metal to create highly electrically conductive surface to be used as a filler that is lighter than solid silver in paints, adhesives, and composites to provide electrical conductivity. Loadings as low as 20% by weight can achieve sufficient shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Other Sliver-Coated Conductive Particles: Conductive Silver Metal Coated Microspheres.

Conductive hollow glass microspheres have low particle densities and so provide a significant weight reduction when used in place of conventional conductive fillers such as solid silver particles. A range of products offers particles with a variety of diameters, densities and crush strengths. hollow glass microspheres product line was specifically designed for applications in biotechnology and particle image velocimentry which often require a true particle density higher than 1g/cm3 or just slightly lower at 0.9g/cm3.

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