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Hollow glass bubble used in composites

2015-01-10 01:43:15 1913

These years to develop fillers generally much cheaper than resin. They have a great impact on the properties of the resin, so the course is worth noting that to make full use of its advantages must not degrade the performance of the final product. For a very significant performance impact, such as bending modulus and density, and sometimes fillers plays a dual role. Hollow glass bubble as a newer filler has some unusual properties, from different angles naturally improves the performance of the additive resin, not only the resin filler, it is more important to improve the properties of the resin.
Hollow glass bubble in the US has become more mature engineering materials. Meanwhile in the UK has been more widely used. Of course, its price is much higher compared to the same volume than calcium carbonate. For sodium borosilicate glass that is corrosive E hollow glass bubble of good water and chemical media, having a basicity and low surface moisture content, alkali content of 0.5% by weight, a water content of 0.2 volume %. When there is an exothermic reaction, a higher moisture content will result in more evaporation of water, eventually causing some defects in the product molding process. However, hollow glass bubble filler compared to its geometry generally more complete hollow sphere, a particle size of 10 ~ 180μm, a wall thickness of 1 ~ 3μm, they are the same as each other capable of rolling bearings, with good free-flowing sex.
Hollow glass bubble with a light weight, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic, non-flammable, chemical stability, high dispersion and so on. These advantages can be reflected in particular in the completion of the finished molding. The final product is light weight, easy to install, and is particularly suitable for the production of products required buoyancy. Hollow glass bubble material can be applied in many fields in order to enhance or improve the water resistance, compressive strength, shrinkage and the impact strength of the material and the like. Low density, can be prepared to take the lighter components; low porosity and surface area, the beads absorb less resin, even if a high filling capacity, the viscosity is not high; chemically stable and inert; good anti-cracking performance, the final after the article is easy to handle, such as drilling, cutting and polishing, which is relatively easy to destroy the hollow glass bubble another advantage. Because of hollow glass bubble like shock absorbers, as a result, the compressive strength and impact strength of the product is also improved. Since the hollow glass bubble in preference to the resin matrix and damage, reducing the degree of product being impacted. Hollow glass bubble also has good insulation properties, the properties, especially when encountered in the product during use with hot shock, hollow glass bubble and resin will form the thermal conductivity of the insulating layer are not mutually connected. Finally, due to the hollow glass bubble coloring is not good, so that some white products, but sometimes this is the advantage, on the one hand can reduce the amount of white pigment such as titanium dioxide, can be reduced up to 50%, on the other hand it is worth mentioning that softer color of the final product.
Artificial marble and onyx products in the application of hollow glass microspheres larger purpose is artificial marble. In the US, there are a lot of manufacturers are using this filler, it has the following advantages:
1.Improve impact resistance, properly formulated products manufactured its performance is higher than the requirements for artificial marble Association.
2.Continuous improvement of texture and color layout, making the product more attractive, magnificent.
3.Reduce the curing time, the mold has a faster turnover rate.
4.Improved impact strength, improved anti-cracking ability, reduce breakage of the product.
5.Improved machinability, reducing deburring, cutting, drilling and grinding of empty time.
6.Post-processing tools to reduce wear.
7.Improving the light color color performance, while reducing the amount of TiO2. (although sometimes mixed with some darker colors)
8.Light weight, to make it easier in handling and installation process, but also reduces the cost of transportation.Benefits listed above 3-8 can significantly reduce costs.
Synthetic foam block and lightweight core material as early as 1971 annual meeting of SPI had a research paper introduced the Road, added in an epoxy resin hollow glass bubble got high quality foam, and the density was reduced by 20% 30%. Foam density of 0.66g/cm3 when the hydrostatic strength of 1136kg/cm2. In the manufacture of lightweight GRP core material, because of the use of a hollow glass bubble that makes able to solve technical problems. Compared with the conventional glass fiber reinforced plastic, the use of such a core material greatly improves the stiffness of the product and reduce the weight, the stiffness is selected according to the thickness of the core material. Density of the core material was 0.57g/cm3 ~ 0.67g/cm3, a compressive strength of 284kg/cm2 ~ 426kg/cm2. Widely used in various industrial products, such as vehicles, ships, construction of composite sandwich panels, sports equipment, models, and other deep-water floating body.
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