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Delve into glass bubble

2015-01-09 03:51:50 2019
we seem to know glass bubble, but in reality it is vague, its concept is not clear, the next step is to properly analyze the glass bubble, let the image clear.
Glass bubble diameter is within a few microns to a few millimeters diameter range of glass spheres, there are solid, hollow, porous glass beads of the points, with good optical performance, a spherical lens characteristics, strong shock resistance, rolling resistance, thermal conductivity low, light, etc., have been widely used in urban traffic signs, car brands, retroreflective screen, injection technique, filling materials, insulation materials. Glass bubble as a new filler A from synthetic beads, winnowing or another available method for extracting water from selected from fly ash.
Solid glass bubble wear resistance, acid resistance, high hardness, smooth surface, symmetry and so on. Different according to their size can be used as an abrasive chemical operations were raw materials; used as blasting of parts, molds, machinery parts and fine leaf surface is polished, clean decontamination treatment, with high efficiency, high quality, surface no damage, low cost, small abrasion etc; used as a solid lubricant incorporated into the mud playing well, so quickly drill bit, played a decrease drag, reducing wear and tear, such as the role of the drill; used for oil pressure proppant plus open adoption pressure on the underground oil layer can significantly improve the efficiency of oil extraction; used as plastics, rubber, nylon products of reinforcing fillers, not only filling evenly, no dead virtual edge, and because finding beads transparent, translucent test products, does not affect the choice of colors. Solid glass bubble based on their different characteristics can be divided into high refraction glass bubble, ultra-high refraction glass bubble, hydrophobic glass bubble, colored glass bubble and so on.
Hollow glass bubble (ES) is a thin-walled borosilicate material from sodium made by a special process, closed the tiny sphere, the sphere inside the parcel certain amount of gas, it has a low density, low thermal conductivity, low oil absorption, high low temperature, high dielectric strength, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, size and chemical composition, etc. controllable. Respectively, for general purposes and for the production of articles floating two levels, two levels of hollow glass bubble can be used for thermoset and thermoplastic polymers. Floating type designed for special aerospace industry, for the production of synthetic foam blocks and deep-sea submarine. With the development of science and technology and the realization of industrial mass production ES, ES materials have become cheap, abundant resources, can be widely used in the new material.
In recent years, due to man-made glass bubble consume more energy, people turn to get hollow glass bubble fly ash from thermal power plants. In our current carbon emissions in fly ash, hollow glass bubble is generally about 50%, ash hollow glass bubble emerging as a versatile material, because of its fine particles, hollow, lightweight, high temperature insulation , insulation, wear-resistant, alkali, chemical stability and other properties, has been widely used in building materials, plastics, rubber, paint, chemical, metallurgy, marine and aerospace and other fields.
The porous glass bubble as a carrier of a catalyst, with a large surface area, pore size can be translucent in the appropriate range, compared with the organic carrier, it is not subject to microbial invasion, high intensity, can improve the carrier properties, get better catalytic effect. Its development environment for building regulation has used material is a new creation, the bedroom can improve environmental conditions, the environment as a result of the removal of fumes, causing mildew odor, odor, adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, cold, hot, identify environmentally harmful gases such as monitoring of the ecological environment protection and regulation are important. Due to the presence of a large number of micro beads having adsorption characteristics, and can be applied to sensor technology and bio-engineering.
This article comes from "Advances in the application of glass bubble "