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The successful application of glass bubble in foam extinguishing agent

2015-02-14 01:26:48 1979
Foam tank fire extinguishing technology is currently the most common method saves. However, due to the poor thermal stability of the foam, in the actual tank fire fighting foam supply process if insufficient strength, can not completely cover the oil surface, the pre-injected into the tank of the foam due to the flame and the heat radiating action and continuous burst, make fire out of control again. It has also been trying to light the fire of solid material used for fire fighting tank, although insulation performance is good, but the trial due to the larger diameter lightweight solid material, it is difficult to solve the transportation problem, difficult to apply to reality.
Hollow glass bubble is a new powder material developed in recent years, the particle size is between 10 ~ 250μm, a bulk density of 0.1 ~ 0.3g·cm-3, the advantages of light weight and thermal insulation. Add the powdered hollow glass microspheres to the fire foam, the foam pipeline to transport tanks, the use of hollow glass microspheres good insulation performance is expected to improve the ability of anti-burning foam covering. But will it hollow glass microspheres foaming capacity and stability of foam extinguishing agent impact, foam thermal stability can be improved very much worth studying.
In order to obtain solutions were studied small scale. Laboratory measured using high-speed blender after adding hollow glass microspheres foam height changes, the effects of hollow glass microspheres for foaming ability of foam extinguishing agent, foam stability test under different beads to add volume and foam mixture concentrations changes, compared before and after the addition of hollow glass microspheres extinguishing foam thermal stability. The results will lead us to the right path.