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Foam concrete Makeovers

2015-02-12 23:05:01 1926
As a new type of foam concrete fireproof insulation materials, the prevalence of high density, low strength and less insulation defects and other aspects of organic material, but overall compared to its mailing flammable materials is still the best substitute. Currently, foam concrete applications in various fields has not been widely used mainly because of its large and low dry density and compressive strength. Because the dry density foam concrete compressive strength index and conflicting, contradictory unity. The main research is focused on solving the country at reduced dry density foam concrete precondition how to improve the compressive strength, balance and other properties of foam concrete.
Hollow glass microsphere is a hollow ball of powdered ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic materials, in recent years developed a versatile, high-performance new materials. High-performance hollow glass microspheres with light weight, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity and good liquidity characteristics, in the processing of composite materials, not only to reduce defects in products, but also the productivity increased by 15% to 20%, hollow glass microspheres as inert reducing agent, only need to use a small dosage can replace heavier materials, you can add different proportions of hollow glass microspheres to reduce the product's dry density. The main application fields at home and abroad in the paint, cement slurry, putty, floating materials, ceramic materials and composite materials. The use of hollow glass microspheres prepared by part number to replace cement-based cementitious materials in high-strength lightweight foam concrete domestic rarely used.
Thus can be drawn, foam concrete is widely used to get on the premise that must be addressed dry density and compressive strength of these two common problems. So how to solve problems and develop better foam concrete is the main direction of our company goes on, on this road we have to go far.