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Effect of hollow glass microspheres addition on density reduction and mechanical properties

2023-02-20 14:57:46 308
The strategy of combining the traditional reinforcement of glass fibers (GF) with lighter hollow glass microspheres can afford to fulfill the need for potential light-weight and high-strength modern materials required in various sectors, such as automotive and aerospace industry applications. 

This work fabricated composites of PA6/GF/hollow glass microsphere by melting blending in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder, and subsequently, injection molded.

The effects of hollow glass microsphere content on the density, morphological and mechanical properties were investigated and the PA6/GF/hollow glass microsphere composites properties were compared to the properties of the traditional PA6/GF (70/30) wt% composite, widely used today in automotive industries. 

With the increase of hollow glass microsphere amount in the formulations, a reduction of between 3 and 12% in density was achieved with a slight reduction in its mechanical properties, showing that this new strategy can be applied to replace the PA6/GF (70/30) wt% composite, providing a considerable weight reduction for these materials.