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Glass microsphere has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic, incombustible, good chemical stability and high dispersion. These advantages can be reflected in the finished products after molding. The final product is light in weight, easy to install, and especially suitable for manufacturing products requiring buoyancy.

Hollow glass beads can be used in many material fields to improve or improve the water resistance, compressive strength, shrinkage and impact strength of materials. Low density, can make lighter parts; The porosity and specific surface area are low, and the bead absorption resin is less, so the viscosity is not high even if the amount of filling is high; It is chemically stable and inert; Good anti-cracking performance, and the final product is easy to be post-processed, such as drilling, cutting and polishing, which is another advantage that hollow glass beads are easy to be damaged.

Because, like the shock absorber, the compressive strength and impact strength of the product are also improved.

Because the hollow glass bead is destroyed prior to the resin matrix, the impact degree of the product is reduced.

It is an advantage. On the one hand, it can reduce

Application of glass beads in synthetic foam

Glass bead resin composite is usually called synthetic foam. The main feature of this composite material is its low density. It is a multifunctional composite material with wide mechanical properties and a combination of vibration reduction, insulation and fire prevention.

2 Application of glass beads in plastics and rubber

In the plastic industry, glass bead is an inorganic powder filler developed in recent years, with high filling capacity. The plastic filled with it has excellent rheological processing properties, uniform shrinkage, and increased impact resistance. Glass bead is used for filling UHMWPE material, which not only acts as a solid lubricant to improve processing fluidity, but also modifies the comprehensive mechanical properties of UHMWPE material to improve its strength and wear resistance

The tensile strength, impact strength, hardness and other mechanical properties of nylon 6 with glass beads are improved, and the material aging caused by light and heat can be prevented. With the increase of glass bead content, the Martin heat resistance temperature of the material increases.

Application of glass bead in spacer material of liquid crystal display (LCD)

The spacer material of liquid crystal display is the focus of research at home and abroad, which is also one of the more promising applications of glass beads [7]. At present, LCD spacer materials often use various organic particles, and also use ground optical fibers. These materials have different degrees of shortcomings

Application of glass bead in explosives

The introduction of hollow glass beads into emulsion explosives overcomes the above shortcomings, greatly improves the detonation performance of explosives and significantly improves the storage stability

5 Application in cement products

The density of hollow microsphere is low and it is not easy to absorb water. It can reduce the density of grouting cement by adding it alone or together with expansion additives

6 Application in coatings

The glass bead is applied to the coating, and the solar heat reflection and thermal insulation coating prepared has high solar heat reflection and high radiation performance, which improves the thermal insulation performance of the coating, and is used in reflective pavement and decoration and beauty joints

7 Application in medical field

Coupling treatment of hollow glass microspheres and electroless nickel plating on the surface of hollow glass microspheres

After sex, it has a promising prospect in medical immunoassay technology.

Application of modified glass beads in electromagnetic shielding and microwave absorption

Glass beads are widely used in building materials, plastics, rubber, coatings, chemistry, metallurgy, navigation, aerospace and other fields, and have irreplaceable important applications. The modified hollow microspheres have electrical and magnetic properties, which can be used in the fields of microwave absorption or electromagnetic shielding to prepare functional materials and broaden its application range. Due to the high energy consumption of artificial glass beads, the cost of glass beads obtained from fly ash can be greatly reduced, so the bead filler will have a good development prospect. At present, the utilization of fly ash hollow microsphere in China is still at the initial stage, and the utilization rate and utilization level need to be developed. As a new multi-functional material, its application prospect will be better and better.


Glass microsphere plays a very important role in production and life. Glass microsphere not only has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good chemical stability, but also has hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties on the surface, which is easy to disperse in organic material system. What are the main characteristics of glass beads?

Main characteristics of glass bead

1. It can scatter light in the visible spectrum. The glass material is actually colorless and transparent, but because the glass bead has a scattering effect on the light in the full visible spectrum, it looks white. However, when it is added to colored materials, it also scatters the light of material color, so it can be widely used in any material with requirements for appearance color without affecting the original material color.

2. Low density. The density of glass bead is about one tenth of that of traditional filler particles. After filling, the base weight of the product can be greatly reduced. The larger volume makes it replace a large number of other raw materials, reducing the product cost.

3. It is lipophilic. Hollow glass beads are easy to wet and disperse, and can be filled in most thermosetting thermoplastic resins, such as polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane, etc.

4. High dispersion and good liquidity. Because the glass bead is a tiny ball, it has better fluidity in liquid resin than the filler in sheet, needle or irregular shape, so it has excellent filling performance. More importantly, this kind of small bead is isotropic, so it will not produce the disadvantage of inconsistent shrinkage in different parts due to its orientation, which ensures the dimensional stability of the product and will not warp.

5. Low water absorption. The inside of glass bead is thin gas, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation, and is an excellent filler for various heat insulation and sound insulation products. The thermal insulation characteristics of glass beads can also be used to protect products from thermal shock caused by alternate changes between hot and cold conditions. Its high specific resistance and extremely low water absorption make it widely used for processing and producing cable insulation materials.

6. Low oil absorption. The particle size of the sphere determines that it has the smallest specific surface area and low oil absorption. The amount of resin can be greatly reduced in the use process, and the viscosity will not increase much even under the premise of high addition, which greatly improves the production and operation conditions, and can increase the production efficiency by 10%~20%.

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The physical characteristics of HG hollow glass microspheres lead to the following advantages:

1. The alkali lime borosilicate component of the glass microsphere makes its chemical property stable and inert, so that it can be safely used as a filler or additive without worrying about its reaction with the substrate or other substances, and can withstand other chemical corrosion except strong alkali.

2. The perfect sphericity endows it with excellent isotropic consistency, so that it will not warp and shrink due to stress inconsistency after processing.

3. The hollow glass microsphere is a small round ball. In the liquid, it acts like a miniature ball bearing, and has better fluidity than the fillings of sheet, needle or irregular shape. The resulting microsphere effect reduces the viscosity of the mixture, and the filling performance is naturally excellent; Good processing performance can improve the production efficiency by 10%~20%.

4. The perfect sphericity makes it have a small specific surface area of Z, so its oil absorption is low. Compared with the conventional filler calcium carbonate, the oil absorption rate/amount of hollow glass microspheres is much lower. The oil absorption rate of different models of products per 100g is between 7 and 40mg, while the oil absorption rate of light calcium carbonate per 100g is as high as 120 to 130mg, and that of heavy calcium carbonate is as high as 50 to 60mg. The amount of resin is reduced. At the same time, because it can increase the fluidity of resin, the resin is processed only as a base material rather than a filler, thus reducing the amount of resin.

5. Due to the particle size distribution of glass microspheres, small microspheres fill the pores of large microspheres, thus increasing their solid content. At the same time, their volatilization is very low, which reduces VOC

6. The color is white, so it has good color compatibility.

7. Its low true density and strong compressive strength result in its high compressive strength density ratio, which makes it not only play the role of filler or additive with reduced density, but also have a good survival rate and stability in the processing process in some applications requiring high compressive strength, such as extrusion, die or petroleum industry

8. The particle size is small, which will not reduce its toughness when mixed with resin for processing.

9: The interior of the hollow glass microsphere is a vacuum thin gas. Two different materials have different densities and thermal conductivity, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation and low thermal conductivity. It is an excellent filler for various heat insulation and sound insulation products. The thermal insulation properties of the microspheres can also be used to protect the products from thermal shock caused by alternate changes between hot and cold conditions

10: The closed space ratio is very high. At the same time, the sphere is tight and perfect, and it is insoluble in water, which makes its application in water very stable. Water will not enter the interior of the sphere, so it does not cause the problem of density increase. At the same time, because it is insoluble in water, its application in water, such as yachts, rowing, etc., is also extremely stable.

11: Some tests have shown that hollow or low hardness fillers will absorb and digest the impact strength when impacted, so as to improve the impact resistance of materials. Therefore, as a filler, it can improve the physical and mechanical properties of plastic products. At the same time, the hardness and elastic modulus of the material can be greatly increased, and the stiffness and stress damping capacity can also be improved.

12: It can maintain its stability below 600 ℃, so it is stable in some applications requiring slightly higher temperature.

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Sinosteel Maanshan New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, which specialized in research、development、production and sales of High-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres, and it belongs to Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research Co.,Ltd.

Single From a cost perspective, if the hollow glass bubbles per unit mass of the same price, you should use the lowest possible density of hollow glass microspheres, so low unit cost.If just from a performance standpoint, because the larger the lower the density of the hollow glass microspheres diameter, large diameter also reduces the conductivity between the zinc coating, which reduces the resistance to salt spray paint, and therefore should be chosen particle size as small as hollow glass microspheres.There are on the one hand I must mention that, due to the formulation of other fillers such as zinc and iron phosphate high density, when the coating solution is stirred crashed hollow glass microspheres, and in the spray when a low intensity hollow glass microspheres are easily broken failure. Therefore, the density of the microspheres can not be selected too large, the particle size can not be too large, and the strength is sufficient.

Proposal to add the following methods:
In order to take full advantage of the characteristics of the hollow microspheres, recommended adding a last resort, that is added to the beads into the final as low speed mixing equipment dispersed using low shear force, because the spherical beads mobility well, between the friction is not large, so it is easy to disperse. You can complete a short wet, slightly extended mixing time to achieve uniform dispersion.
Beads chemically inert, non-toxic. However, because of a very light, so they need special attention added.Recommended stepwise addition method, which is the amount for each remaining 1/2 beads gradually added, this can be good to avoid beads float into the air and dispersed more complete.

Sinosteel Maanshan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

1   Barrier effect
Tight particle packing, combined with hardness and inertness, creates a durable, low-permeation ilm barrier against  weather,corrosion and chemicals.

2  Inert and contain no crystalline silica
Because of their inert composition,  hollow glass  Microspheres are
resistant to a variety of chemicals. Solid glass microspheres contain
no detectable crystalline silica as determined by x-ray diffraction
(XRD) technology.

3  Radiation curable coatings
To help improve productivity and depth of cure for UV-curable coatings,  hollow glass  microspheres are UV transparent to 250nm.
The microspheres allow transmission of the UV energy through the coating.  glass microspheres(glass bubble) also improve the viscosity and low/leveling in E-beam coating applications.

Radiation curable applications include:
*  Potting compounds
* Overprints
*  Patching compounds
* Powder coatings
* Wood coatings
* Adhesives

4  Standard equipment for dispersing
With high compression strength,  glass microspheres are best added during the grind. For optimum dispersion, sand, ball and roll mills are preferred.
Equipment wear has been reported to be less than many irregularly-shaped mineral illers of equal or lower hardness.

This is a discussion:

Question:We are getting ready to launch the diyma store and one product we are considering is the hollow glass spheres, which can be used as a filler in epoxy resins.Any interest?


Jonny Hotnuts :Designed and primarily used to decrease rosin weight for composite aircraft. Adds a new dimension to safety concerns when using (respiratory). I have used these quite a bit for racing components stuff….not sure the advantage in CA.


Orion525iT : I kinda agree with Jonny. Its not that its uses are limited. But, the knowledge to use them, and likewise the demand will be limited. The spheres are very nice for making a lightweight epoxy filler, joining foam blocks for core construction, fairing and void filling where the ultimate in material performance is required. Spheres are needed and very useful in airplane, boat, and car parts. However, they would be of little use in car audio.As far as I can tell, most still use poly over epoxy in any case. If filler is needed, it is likely that some poly filler would be used.

With that said, I have tried to employ various advanced composite techniques (using core materials) for building my dash sub box and kick speakers. I have yet to find anyone who has tried the same. Because of the extremely asymmetric design of the dash sub box, and the amount of piecing together and modifying I have had to do, microspheres would be very handy, but not absolutely needed. Very steep learning curve, and lots of experimenting and failure. In all honesty, I don’t think that most people in their right minds would ever try what I am in any case .
I can see where fillers would be very nice for making adhesive pastes, but other fillers can be used with adequate results.

Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research Co., Ltd. Is a considerable strength of the high-tech companies.

The company has research and development centers, distribution centers and improve the management of the production base. We focused on a new multi-function ultra-fine materials research, production and development, for the industry to provide quality products, solutions and services to improve. The hollow micro bead ( Cenosphere ) is a new type of multi functional powder material, is a hollow spherical,, containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide by negative pressure gas ultra-fine ceramic vitreous ( the main ingredients for SiO2and Al2O3); it has a distinct appearance characteristics, a standard spherical, it has high compressive strength, high melting point, high electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and thermal contraction coefficient is small and so on characteristics, known as” space age material”.

As a result of this material has special physical, chemical properties and relatively low price, make it become a good filler and polymer modified material, it can be filled with product cost greatly reduced at the same time, but also enhanced the filled a number of products performance, can in many application fields ( epoxy resin cement mortar, plastic, rubber, resin, paint, paint, glass steel play a huge role, bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise. Features: 1low price;2high strength, increase plastic impact resistance;3, low shrinkage, improve product warpage;4increase was filling liquidity, increase in plastics processing performance, while improving the engineering plastic surface leveling, solve the problem of the surface of glass fiber reinforced engineering plastic;

5improve the heat deformation temperature and Vicat softening point;6good thermal insulation, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, high insulating polymer to be filled;7 the real density of 1.78g / cm3( bulk density1.12g / cm3) relative to the glass, calcium carbonate, talc powder, engineering plastics, can achieve weight loss;8flame retardant, thermal stability. Thermal stability is greater than 1300 degrees C, high temperature decomposition is not easy deformation, used for polymer filler, can improve the flame retardant properties;

9 of the products to provide SGS report, meets the environmental protection standard dosages: I recommended PP and PA in general, adding30-40%, HIPS, PBT add dosage for general 7-15%, ABS addition amount for general 5-7% usage: in general the use of engineering plastics, hollow micro bead in a high-speed mixer with silane coupling agent KH-550modified engineering plastics pellets, and appropriate mixing, directly in the double screw extruder extrusion pump tablets. Note:1. The hollow beads used in flame retardant HIPS and modified PP use, mainly in the partial replacement of flame retardant can reduce cost at the same time, improve the material processing performance and liquidity, increase product surface gloss, relative to the talcum powder filler in the impact performance aspect also has certain promotion. II.

In plus nylon fiber and fiber PBT add hollow bead, and the glass fiber blend, can effectively solve the problem of floating fiber surface, while reducing the shrinkage rate, increased dimensional stability. III in black masterbatch. ABS add 10%-15% hollow beads, can not affect the ABS flexibility and surface flow condition, reduces the ABS cost of products. Hollow bead is particularly suitable to add black ABS feed intake and the black 475pumping tablets, adding5%-15%, with a mixer to mix evenly need not be modified, with Zimu ( also called two machine ) pumping tablets.

Hollow microsphere is a lightweight non-metallic multifunctional filler material, the diameter in the 1-400microns, its main composition comprising silica and alumina three composition, and ceramic components, is a kind of new powder material, known as the space age materials, appearance is gray or white, loose, good fluidity, under a microscope with a silver sheen spheres, hollow, has a hard shell, shell as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, an inert gas, arm thickness diameter of 1020%.

Its characteristic is: the hollow, sphere, small density, good fluidity, high strength, low thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, flame retardant, high temperature decomposition, low shrinkage, low oil absorption, low price, heat preservation, heat insulation.

It is widely used in the following industries: engineering plastics, paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, modified rubber, plastic modified, electrical insulation, rubber filler, filler and resin.

Application of Hollow glass microspheres in paint:
glass microspheres1.Glass microspheres have the smallest surface area and low oil absorption rate, can significantly reduce the consumption of other components in paint.
2.The vitrified surface of glass microspheres can realize the chemical corrosion resistant, and reflexaction on light. Therefore, the painting coating can prevent from fouling, corrosion, UV,yellowing and scratching etc.
3.Thin gas inside the hollow glass microspheres with compact arrangement, makes low thermal conductivity, so that paint coating has a very good effect on heat insulation.
4.Hollow glass microspheres can effectively enhance the fluidity and smoothness of coating.
5.Hollow glass microspheres contain gas inside, so it has a good contractility resistance to hot and cold, thus enhancing the flexibility of coating, greatly reducing the cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction.
6.On premise of high filling level, the viscosity of paint will not be significantly increased, thus reducing the usage of solvents. It can reduce toxic gas emissions in the process of painting, and VOC indicator can be effectively reduced.

Dosage recommendation:
The addition is normally about 10-20% of the total weight.

Adding methods are proposed as follows: Last step.
The hollow glass microspheres are proposed to add at the last step, and dispersed with low-speed, low shearing force mixing equipment. Due to its good liquidity, the spherical balls have less friction between each other, and are easily dispersed into mixture to completely keep wet within a short time. Through slightly extending mixing time can achieve uniform dispersion.
Hollow glass microspheres are inert and non-toxic. Due to its light weight, attention should be specially paid when adding. We recommend adding the beads by step, that is, the addition quantity is 1 / 2 of the remaining beads each time. It can well avoid the beads floating into the air and make it disperse even more completely.