Application of Hollow glass microspheres in paint:
glass microspheres1.Glass microspheres have the smallest surface area and low oil absorption rate, can significantly reduce the consumption of other components in paint.
2.The vitrified surface of glass microspheres can realize the chemical corrosion resistant, and reflexaction on light. Therefore, the painting coating can prevent from fouling, corrosion, UV,yellowing and scratching etc.
3.Thin gas inside the hollow glass microspheres with compact arrangement, makes low thermal conductivity, so that paint coating has a very good effect on heat insulation.
4.Hollow glass microspheres can effectively enhance the fluidity and smoothness of coating.
5.Hollow glass microspheres contain gas inside, so it has a good contractility resistance to hot and cold, thus enhancing the flexibility of coating, greatly reducing the cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction.
6.On premise of high filling level, the viscosity of paint will not be significantly increased, thus reducing the usage of solvents. It can reduce toxic gas emissions in the process of painting, and VOC indicator can be effectively reduced.

Dosage recommendation:
The addition is normally about 10-20% of the total weight.

Adding methods are proposed as follows: Last step.
The hollow glass microspheres are proposed to add at the last step, and dispersed with low-speed, low shearing force mixing equipment. Due to its good liquidity, the spherical balls have less friction between each other, and are easily dispersed into mixture to completely keep wet within a short time. Through slightly extending mixing time can achieve uniform dispersion.
Hollow glass microspheres are inert and non-toxic. Due to its light weight, attention should be specially paid when adding. We recommend adding the beads by step, that is, the addition quantity is 1 / 2 of the remaining beads each time. It can well avoid the beads floating into the air and make it disperse even more completely.