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The company has research and development centers, distribution centers and improve the management of the production base. We focused on a new multi-function ultra-fine materials research, production and development, for the industry to provide quality products, solutions and services to improve. The hollow micro bead ( Cenosphere ) is a new type of multi functional powder material, is a hollow¬†spherical,, containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide by negative pressure gas ultra-fine ceramic vitreous ( the main ingredients for SiO2and Al2O3); it has a distinct appearance characteristics, a standard spherical, it has high compressive strength, high melting point, high electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and thermal contraction coefficient is small and so on characteristics, known as” space age material”.

As a result of this material has special physical, chemical properties and relatively low price, make it become a good filler and polymer modified material, it can be filled with product cost greatly reduced at the same time, but also enhanced the filled a number of products performance, can in many application fields ( epoxy resin cement mortar, plastic, rubber, resin, paint, paint, glass steel play a huge role, bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise. Features: 1low price;2high strength, increase plastic impact resistance;3, low shrinkage, improve product warpage;4increase was filling liquidity, increase in plastics processing performance, while improving the engineering plastic surface leveling, solve the problem of the surface of glass fiber reinforced engineering plastic;

5improve the heat deformation temperature and Vicat softening point;6good thermal insulation, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, high insulating polymer to be filled;7 the real density of 1.78g / cm3( bulk density1.12g / cm3) relative to the glass, calcium carbonate, talc powder, engineering plastics, can achieve weight loss;8flame retardant, thermal stability. Thermal stability is greater than 1300 degrees C, high temperature decomposition is not easy deformation, used for polymer filler, can improve the flame retardant properties;

9 of the products to provide SGS report, meets the environmental protection standard dosages: I recommended PP and PA in general, adding30-40%, HIPS, PBT add dosage for general 7-15%, ABS addition amount for general 5-7% usage: in general the use of engineering plastics, hollow micro bead in a high-speed mixer with silane coupling agent KH-550modified engineering plastics pellets, and appropriate mixing, directly in the double screw extruder extrusion pump tablets. Note:1. The hollow beads used in flame retardant HIPS and modified PP use, mainly in the partial replacement of flame retardant can reduce cost at the same time, improve the material processing performance and liquidity, increase product surface gloss, relative to the talcum powder filler in the impact performance aspect also has certain promotion. II.

In plus nylon fiber and fiber PBT add hollow bead, and the glass fiber blend, can effectively solve the problem of floating fiber surface, while reducing the shrinkage rate, increased dimensional stability. III in black masterbatch. ABS add 10%-15% hollow beads, can not affect the ABS flexibility and surface flow condition, reduces the ABS cost of products. Hollow bead is particularly suitable to add black ABS feed intake and the black 475pumping tablets, adding5%-15%, with a mixer to mix evenly need not be modified, with Zimu ( also called two machine ) pumping tablets.

Hollow microsphere is a lightweight non-metallic multifunctional filler material, the diameter in the 1-400microns, its main composition comprising silica and alumina three composition, and ceramic components, is a kind of new powder material, known as the space age materials, appearance is gray or white, loose, good fluidity, under a microscope with a silver sheen spheres, hollow, has a hard shell, shell as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, an inert gas, arm thickness diameter of 1020%.

Its characteristic is: the hollow, sphere, small density, good fluidity, high strength, low thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, flame retardant, high temperature decomposition, low shrinkage, low oil absorption, low price, heat preservation, heat insulation.

It is widely used in the following industries: engineering plastics, paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, modified rubber, plastic modified, electrical insulation, rubber filler, filler and resin.