1   Barrier effect
Tight particle packing, combined with hardness and inertness, creates a durable, low-permeation ilm barrier against  weather,corrosion and chemicals.

2  Inert and contain no crystalline silica
Because of their inert composition,  hollow glass  Microspheres are
resistant to a variety of chemicals. Solid glass microspheres contain
no detectable crystalline silica as determined by x-ray diffraction
(XRD) technology.

3  Radiation curable coatings
To help improve productivity and depth of cure for UV-curable coatings,  hollow glass  microspheres are UV transparent to 250nm.
The microspheres allow transmission of the UV energy through the coating.  glass microspheres(glass bubble) also improve the viscosity and low/leveling in E-beam coating applications.

Radiation curable applications include:
*  Potting compounds
* Overprints
*  Patching compounds
* Powder coatings
* Wood coatings
* Adhesives

4  Standard equipment for dispersing
With high compression strength,  glass microspheres are best added during the grind. For optimum dispersion, sand, ball and roll mills are preferred.
Equipment wear has been reported to be less than many irregularly-shaped mineral illers of equal or lower hardness.