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Glass bubble known as "do not need a permanent replacement insulation materials."

2020-06-02 14:07:15 1131

Glass bubble can be radiation, insulation, anti-magnetic wave, anti-static, high mechanical strength, and excellent adhesion to all kinds of mud, is a stable and strong materials, which are widely used in petrochemical, construction , power, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, tank, defense industry and other fields, known as "the need to replace the permanent insulation materials."According to reports, foam glass can also be applied to the flue, furnace and cold storage insulation works, all kinds of gas, liquid, oil pipeline insulation, waterproof, fire engineering, and metro, libraries, offices, theaters, cinemas and other needs of noise insulation properties. In addition, it can also be used for basic isolation, building insulation projects, canals, rails, dams leak-proof, moth project, even with a household cleaning and health care.