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Using Porous Hollow Glass Microspheres for Targeted Drug Delivery

2021-04-20 16:27:02 931

We expert in the production of specialty glasses, to create porous wall, hollow glass microspheres that consists of glass “microballoons” smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

Hollow glass microspheres feature a unique network of interconnected pores in the walls. These pores allow tiny “microballoons” to be filled with gasses as well as other materials. Each hollow glass microsphere is around 50 microns in diameter, and the walls are around 10,000 angstroms thick. The walls feature pores that come to about 100 to 300 angstroms. Each pore allows gasses to entire the spheres and be stored or cycled on absorbents.

The original use for hollow glass microspheres was to provide a solid-state storage method for hydrogen. Further research, however, has revealed their powerful utility and practical application in medicine. Currently, we plan to offer porous-walled hollow glass microspheres as a transport system for targeted drug delivery, among other uses.

Microspheres are being further investigated in an effort to discover new applications within healthcare. While further study is ongoing, microspheres will hopefully provide enhanced patient care and improve the effectiveness of medication delivery across a broad range of disease states.

This article comes from mo-sci edit released