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Underwater sound-absorbing material contributor

2015-01-28 04:25:54 2111
Underwater muffler covering is important stealth submarine equipment, it has sound absorption, sound, vibration, and other functions. The purpose of which is to minimize the sound-absorbing sound reflections make the most sound in the muffler cover layer is consumed internally, so underwater muffler sound-absorbing material covering the crucial choice of stories, traditional muffler cover layer selected rubber material, the use of rubber cavity resonance and impedance of the transition structure of sound absorption, but due to the limited thickness, the traditional muffler cover layer can only be achieved in an effective sound-absorbing high frequency, low frequency sound absorption effect is not good. As the water gradually to the low-frequency sonar to detect sound development, scholars began to focus on how countries without increasing the thickness of the conditions to improve low-frequency underwater sound absorption performance muffler cover layer. This requires a new Medal of sound-absorbing material, looking for new absorption mechanism.
To improve the sound absorption properties of thin sound-absorbing material, the use of modified epoxy resin and hollow glass microsphere and other synthesized 25mm thick epoxy -glass microsphere porous composite material. In the pulse sound test tube sound pressure reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient of the sample of synthetic materials, the effects of process parameters on the synthesis of underwater acoustic performance. Test results show that: Epoxy-glass microsphere porous composite material is a good underwater sound-absorbing material, its sound absorption performance is affected and the type and content of the curing agent of the kind of hollow glass microspheres parameters. Preparation of a good variety of hollow glass microspheres filled with low-frequency sound absorption properties of epoxy resin - Glass Microsphere acoustic material.
A series of experiments, the glass microsphere were porous composite material, some new breakthrough research on underwater overlay.