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Study on preparation of Co-blue pigment hollow glass microspheres

2019-01-03 16:11:17 1658

Core-shell structure Co-blue hollow glass microspheres(HGMs) composites with high heat reflection were prepared as color heat reflective paint.

Hollow glass microspheres were mixed with Co-blue sub-micro powder slurry which was prepared by water slurry mixed sintering method and sintering at 620 ℃. The structures and characteristics of the core-shell Co-blue HGMs were characterized by SEM,XRD. A composite coating was prepared by this kind of materials. Reflective ratio of solar and infrared on Co-blue HGMs-SR composites coatings were investigated using UV-Vis-NIR and FTIR spectrometer.

The results show that the average size of the oxide particles is 400 nm. The Co-blue HGMs-SR formed a pigment shell because of cladding on the surface of hollow glass microspheres. The reflectance value of the Co-blue HGMs-SR composites coatings is better than the Coblue pigment-SR coating.

Especially,between bandwidth of 400 ~500 nm and 1000 ~2500 nm of solar spectrum,indicating the advantage of multi-interface structure composites in solar-reflectance properties. The absorption are more than 90 % in the infrared wavelength range of 8~14 μm,which indicated that core-shell Co-blue HGMs can be applied as a good color cool pigment.

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