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Silver Coated Hollow Glass Microspheres

2022-11-21 17:18:56 359
Several diverse application areas have been addressed by silver coated hollow glass spheres. We currently offer a range of conductive, metal coated hollow glass spheres termed Conductospheres. The ‘standard’ materials offered allow new customers to choose from a number of sizes and densities for their initial development work. However, the option to tailor the product to best suit the client’s requirements is also offered should these standard products not be of the required specification.

We also offer a silver coated hollow glass microsphere with sufficient silver loading to bring the average particle density up to that of water. This low volume, high value product is termed Isospheres and is marketed to the field of flow visualisation/marine architecture as a reflective, neutrally buoyant seeding particle for analysing fluid turbulence effects.

We can readily adjust the size, density, coating thickness and core material to produce conductive materials with specifications not previously available, thus allowing the customer to achieve the best material for their application. This has certainly been the attraction for academic groups working in the area flow visualisation and diagnostics, where achieving a specific density and surface morphology are the key interest drivers.