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Silver-Coated Hollow Glass Microspheres

2021-08-17 16:08:35 634

Silver-coated hollow glass microspheres have a highly conductive silver metal coating applied to hollow spherical particles. Optimized coating thickness provides the spheres with good electrical conductivity and shielding properties while maintaining the weight-saving benefits associated with hollow-glass low-density materials.

Electrically conductive hollow glass microspheres are often used as a lightweight conductive filler and have been demonstrated to be more efficient conductive additives than materials such as nickel and graphite powders and flakes. By incorporating silver-coated hollow glass microspheres into their products, manufacturers can realize significant weight savings over solid silver particles and other conductive fillers. They are also suitable for use in military applications, electronics, paints and other industries.

Typically 20% loading of silver-coated hollow glass microspheres by volume can create effective shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI).