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Rheological properties of hollow glass microspheres

2023-02-03 11:14:47 328
Dynamic rheological analysis can provide information on the evolution of the polymeric materials in the melt state, which can be used to anticipate the internal structures and processing properties of polymeric materials. 

Storage modulus (G’) represents the elastic response of a material, which relates to the potential energy stored by the material during deformation. Hence, the value of G’ can be used as a comparative estimative of the stiffness of the material. 

The frequency dependence of the storage modulus (G’) for the ABS and ABS/hollow glass microsphere composites. It is apparent that the G’ of the composites increases with the increase in hollow glass microsphere content. This result may be associated with the reinforced effect caused by the incorporation of the rigid hollow glass microsphere. 

Furthermore, this result indicates that large-scale polymer relaxations are restrained by the presence of hollow glass microsphere effectively, which agrees with the HDT results. In addition, the incorporation of hollow glass microsphere improves the stiffness of ABS, which is consistent with the results obtained in other studies. The storage modulus of the composite with high impact ABS was lower than that of the ABS/C polymer. This behavior can be attributed to the higher quantity of butadiene that can lead to a more ductile composite material.