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Reduced density hollow glass microsphere polymer composite

2023-03-22 15:48:36 258
The hollow glass microsphere and polymer composite materials are a unique combination of a hollow glass microsphere typically particulate components and a polymer material that optimizes the composite structure and characteristics through blending the combined polymer and hollow glass microsphere to 90% of the base polymer materials to achieve true composite properties.

The particles have a specific and novel particle morphology that cooperates with the components of the invention to provide the needed properties to the composite. The material attains adjustable chemical/physical properties through hollow glass microsphere selection and polymer selection. The resulting composite materials exceed the contemporary composites in terms of density, surface character, reduced toxicity, improved malleability, improved ductility, improved viscoelastic properties (such as tensile modulus, storage modulus, elastic-plastic deformation and others) electrical/magnetic properties, resistance to condition of electricity, vibration or sound, and machine molding properties. 

We have found that density and polymer viscoelasticity measured as elongation are useful properties and useful predictive parameters of a composite in this technology. In the production of useful enhanced properties, the packing of the selected particle sizes (Ps, Ps 1, etc.), distribution population particles and the selection of the particulate or mixed non-metal, inorganic, ceramic or mineral particulate, will obtain the enhanced properties.