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Progress glass microsphere modified polyolefin

2015-05-26 01:28:30 2239

Glass microspheres is a new silicate materials, including solid and hollow two kinds. Usually of a particle size of 0.5 ~ 5mm glass Microspheres called beading, hereinafter referred to 0.4mm diameter microMicrospheres . Spherical Microspheres , multi-component and soda-lime glass similar. It has many excellent properties.Solid glass Microspheres forming method includes forming method (melt method) and the secondary molding (powder method). The hollow glass microspheres forming usually boron silicate sol spray drying a water beading technology.

Hollow glass Microspheres having a light weight, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic, non-flammable, chemical stability, high dispersion, noise, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and thermal stability, etc., can be applied in many areas of the material. Since the thermal conductivity is extremely small, used for various insulation plastic filler; for example lighter components can be used to prepare;It can enhance or improve the water resistance, compressive strength and impact strength; very high specific resistance, and low water absorption, it can be widely used in processing the production of cable insulation material; the low porosity and specific surface area, the Microspheres absorb resin small, so even if a lot of filling, viscosity is not high, good processing properties, processing can reduce power consumption, help to improve productivity;Products have good anti-cracking performance; low oil absorption, especially for soft PVC products production, processing, reduce the amount of plasticizer, or for products containing PTFE piston rings and other special products; product size and stability, due to the micro Pearl isotropic orientation caused not generated in different parts of the problem of inconsistent shrinkage, warping, resolves profile, large injection molding process long-standing problem of distortion;With special optical properties, it can be used as a filler for plastics reflective, luminous paint and the like; products are easy to handle after such as drilling, cutting and polishing and so on. These advantages can be reflected in the molding of the finished product is completed.

Problems with the production of raw materials, grading and other issues, promote the use of hollow glass microspheres speed in the plastics industry has gradually accelerated, and will become the new century plastics industry fillers star.

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