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Precision Hollow Glass Microspheres

2019-11-01 16:43:37 1186

Hollow glass microspheres: are engineered hollow glass microspheres. Properties including ultra-light inorganic, non-metallic, functional filler enhance final product properties. These hydrophobic spheres have a wide range of formulations and its ball-bearing effect can improve its mobility and reduce the viscosity and internal stress of resin mixture.

Adjusting the Density of the hollow glass microspheres

The true density of hollow glass microspheres is 0.20 - 0.60g/cm3, and the density of mineral filler is commonly 2.4 ~ 4.4 g/cm3. By adding the proper proportions of hollow glass microspheres the desired density can be obtained efficiently and economically. When working with glass bubbles, substantial cost reductions are available when considering the cost per unit volume. onlayn kazino saytları

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