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Research on the Preparation and Performances of a New Type of Hollow Glass Microspheres

2023-01-13 09:04:03 281
Hollow glass microsphere is a cross-functional frontier material that can be added to a variety of substrate materials to improve their performances and environmental benefits. 

In this paper, the characteristics, application fields and development status of hollow glass microspheres were summarized, and the basic formula, preparation process, performance testing equipments and methods of a new type of hollow glass microspheres were expounded. By testing and analyzing the main performances such as micro morphology, chemical composition, particle size, floating rate, bulk density, true density, compressive strength and other indicators of the microsphere samples, the properties and application potential of the hollow glass microspheres that we prepared are comprehensively characterized. 

The experimental results show that the microspheres have regular morphology and uniform particle size, the floating rate of them is higher than 97%, the bulk density is 0.1~0.4g/cm3 , the true density is 0.20~0.65g/cm3 and fluctuates in a reasonable range; besides, the compressive strength is so good that microspheres are barely broken. What’s more, the development prospect of glass microsphere industry is prospected at the end.