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Instructions for using Glass Bubble Paints

2018-08-20 22:28:10 2356

1. Cleaning Glass: Clean both sides of the glass to remove all oils and dirt and then rinse well. Dry the glass with a lint free cloth or paper towel. After cleaning, handle glass by the edges only to insure the oil from your hands or your fingerprints will not show after firing your glass.

2. Using a palette knife place a small amount of color on tile or in paint well.

3. Create a Design: Add a few drops of Glass Bubble Paint Medium. Mix the bubble paint with either palette knife or brush, continue to add a drop or two and mix until you have the thickness of cream. Remember to mix only what you will use at that time and discard any that is left as it will no longer produce bubbles.

4. Using Dry Bubble Paints: Using a paint sifter you can apply directly to the glass or apply Glass Bubble Paint Medium with a brush to the desired areas to create a design and then use a glass sifter to cover the entire surface. Finally turn upside down and tap the back side of the glass to remove any excess bubble paint.

5. Intermixing Colors: Fusible Glass Bubble Paints, all colors can be intermixed to achieve additional shades of colors. If using either of the two red colors with health warning make sure not use them for food or fire them to the glass and then fuse a clear glass over them in a second firing so they will be food-safe.

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