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Hollow glass microspheres are used to achieve high levels of TSR in coatings

2022-01-24 13:25:25 649

White roof coatings have existed in hot countries for a long time. These hollow glass microspheres coatings help to reflect solar energy back into the atmosphere, rather than heating up the building. To achieve this white finish, pigments and fillers like titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate are used.

This article demonstrates that, with the use of hollow glass microspheres in a coating, one can achieve a high level of total solar reflection with the dry film. This helps to reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling systems.

It is worth noting that there are many hollow glass microspheres coating applications possible with this technology and that it is not just restricted to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Other examples that would benefit from the use of solar heat reflective hollow glass microspheres coatings include caravans, mobile homes, cold storage distribution centres, refrigerated vehicles, oil and gas storage tanks, cryogenic tanks and tankers, and deck coatings.

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