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Efficient use of T-Sepax vortex separator selected from fly ash cenospheres carve

2015-02-02 04:19:45 2088
Fly ash and other industrial waste as power plants and other industrial waste, with the development of the electric power industry has increased every year their emissions. To meet the national environmental policy, comprehensive treatment and utilization of fly ash has become a serious problem. Fly ash typically contains 50% to 80% of hollow glass microspheres, the fineness of 0.3 a 200μm, which is less than 5μm accounted for 20% of total ash. From fly ash cenospheres are sorted by their relative density can be divided into two kinds of heavy beads and floating beads, the relative density of greater than 1 is called Shen Chu: the relative density of less than 1 is called cenospheres. Shen Chu and Cenosphere compared with the wall thickness, volume of major, high strength, good wear resistance and other characteristics. The main chemical components of fly ash particles are made of silicon, aluminum and iron oxides, and small amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other oxides formed. From the composition analysis, the original silica beads (Si02) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content than Shen Chu high; while floating beads of iron oxide (Fe2O3), calcium oxide (CaO) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) content lower than Shen beads. Fly ash particles with tiny hollow glass beads, light, hollow, heat insulation, sound insulation, high temperature. Low temperature resistance, wear resistance, high strength and good electrical insulation properties, such as excellent. Because of these characteristics, making hollow glass microspheres become a versatile material.
At home and abroad choose carved hollow glass beads from fly ash can be divided into two methods. First, the use of dry mechanical sorting cenospheres; two is wet sorting hollow glass beads. In this paper, the use of T-Sepax efficient vortex separator machine selected for further study cenospheres from fly carve.
Yancheng violet technology infrastructure on behalf of the company to absorb the introduction of today's most advanced grade Japanese Onoda O-Sepa separator and Danish Smith Sepax separator on the digestion and absorption, innovation successfully developed a new type of T-Sepax efficient points sorting equipment.
Its outstanding advantages:
1, the material "one divides into three", or "meal (d> 150um), the meal (50um <d <150um), powder through the optimization of wind speed, charging promised more material directly into election powder, and therefore more responsive to the needs of large-scale production, and its performance is very stable polarization grinding system can improve the yield 30-50% of materials through a fluidized bed. - suspension in - shaped guide vanes, the material is fully dispersed, little coarse grinding compound return residual amount of powder that its 特劳姆 steep curve, the powder efficiency up to 90%.
2, T-Sepax vortex separator efficiency compared with similar size centrifugal, Tornado, rotor-type separator, the yield is much higher, and therefore more suitable for large-scale production. Advanced and reasonable structure allows air classifiers, yield and feed a large range of variation in the amount of the powder efficiency without affecting its classification performance is very stable.
3, advanced classification principles. The principle of combining multiple classifiers using aviation aerodynamics of the entire flow field analysis method has been optimized, so that the device resistance is significantly reduced significantly higher classifying efficiency. Energy saving is obvious. Classifier rotor built with national patent rectifier vortex airflow within the rotor does not rotate relative to the rotor increased only by internal momentum after the airflow into the rotors driven rotor torque is reduced, saving driving power and reduce wear. After two separator material separator zone, higher grade precision and more accurate.
4, a special air sealing, grading flow field flow velocity is stable, uniform material distribution, bypass value greater than or equal to 50%, 20 to ensure that the finished size is adjustable between 150um. The finished product does not contain coarse particles, so that the most beneficial to improve the quality of the coal ash, thus contributing to improve the strength of cement grade, or increase the amount of fly ash incorporated while maintaining the same level of the case of cement strength to reduce costs.
5, straight cage rotor design is a multilayer cage rotor horizontal partition plate and a vertical blade shaped graded composition, horizontal partition classification zone of the gas stream to form a stable horizontal vortex, classifying blades shaped such that the surface of the cage into the cage from internal airflow classification remains the same at any point of the flow rate, the relative speed difference <5%, and therefore the flow field grading region uniform and stable, and thus a high classification accuracy.
6, in the middle of the cage between the rotor and the outer shell of the guide vanes evenly arranged a number of pieces with "concave" shaped groove, dust and gas from the guide vanes to be between about 15mm or so a number of slits tangential into the annular space defined by the guide vanes and the classifying cage rotor formed due to the presence of the complete elimination of the guide vane wall effects, the content of the coarse ash fine ash is greatly reduced, the classification efficiency is greatly improved.
7, falling into the lower crude crude ash hopper by the updraft flushing, coarse ash fine ash was again brought to the classification zone classification.
8, due to the flow field uniformity and stability, high flow rotation speed, the centrifugal force generated by the suction gas flows are strong heart, and thus a high classification accuracy, and feed gas ratio can reach 2.0 to 2.5, compared with the feed gas turbine classifier than (0.7 to 1.0) 2 to 3 times higher, graded with only half the amount of wind turbine classifier, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption, the processing capacity of 60T / H grading system energy consumption is only 120KW, the processing capacity of grading system energy 40T / H of 100KW only.
9, separator spindle frequency control, easy to adjust the fineness, sensitive and reliable, wide adjustment range, 5-80um can be adjusted.
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