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What’s the Best Choice for Your Application? Thermoplastic vs hollow Glass Microspheres

2019-03-06 11:20:07 1922

There are several types of low-density hollow glass microspheres to consider when choosing a microsphere for your application. Thermoplastic, glass, ceramic and phenolic beads represent the main family of microspheres from which to choose.

The challenge is determining which type will be the best choice for your application. This will depend on your process and the goal of your product characteristics.

Based on the comparisons above, both thermoplastic microspheres and hollow glass microspheres have their strengths and weaknesses. If you need an ultra low-density material that is shear stable, flexible and sprayable, look no further than Dualite microspheres. On the other hand, if you need a high- pressure, chemical-resistant microsphere, choosing hollow glass microspheres is the way to go.

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