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Hollow glass beads in the application of the filling and wood

2015-04-27 00:20:33 2401

Fill the hollow glass microballoon artificial wood for making furniture parts, accessories and sculpture to provide excellent quality assurance. In the original recipe adding different proportions of hollow glass beads, can adjust the product density.The oil absorption rate of the hollow glass microspheres is much smaller than calcium carbonate and so on ordinary packing, can make the viscosity dropped significantly. Compared with the traditional mineral additives, the hollow glass beads have better liquidity, applicable to the manufacturing area is large, thin plate, after adding the hollow glass beads material more nailing processing, changed the traditional formula of artificial wood is common after nailing cracking phenomenon.

The mixture of hollow glass beads:
The hollow glass microballoon filled quantity generally between 5% and 20%. Hollow glass beads are easily mixed with resin, the general advice under the mixing speed of slower in the last stage of the hybrid hollow glass beads. If you must use the high pressure pump, it must be determined in advance the strength of the hollow glass microballoon whether meet the requirements.

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