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Hollow Glass Microspheres for Plastics

2019-09-16 16:45:50 1208

Hollow glass microspheres for Plastics, Elastomers, and Adhesives Compounds brings together, for the first time, all of the practical and theoretical aspects of hollow glass microsphere manufacturing, including its properties, processing, and applications, as well as regulatory, environmental, and health and safety aspects.

The article enables the reader to evaluate the applicability of hollow glass microspheres to various applications involving polymers in thermoplastics, elastomers, liquid thermosets, and adhesives. It is an indispensable guide for material selection and improving sustainability of products.

Related data sets and case studies complement the article, making it a reference book for plastics processors, product designers, and engineers working with plastics and elastomers, and anyone who wants to improve functionality and performance, make their products lighter, longer lasting, and stronger, all while reducing costs and material needs.

Key Features

This article comes from sciencedirect edit released