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High-performance hollow glass beads to fill the gaps

2015-04-21 21:07:10 2051

Sinosteel Maanshan Mining Institute New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and development of high-performance hollow glass microspheres, sales of integrated high-tech enterprise under Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research Limited. 2009 new materials technology company developing high-performance hollow glass microspheres products have comprehensive on the market.

To speed up the application of glass beads in the domestic market, and help domestic enterprises to improve product performance, the mine hospital related domestic industries and enterprises to actively carry out cooperation.
Province, a paint factory is a well-known hospital with the help of the mine under the successful development of a new thermal insulation coatings, this product has been successfully applied for the high-tech patent products, effective solution to the traditional building energy-saving insulation of high production costs, easy wall seepage, flammability and other issues, and to promote new products in Anhui Province certificate, companies are thus in one fell swoop into the high-end paint market.

Sea current oil and gas development has become one of the most important and the most realistic succeed region, China's energy began to have entered a "Marine Times," but the exploitation of key areas or shallow water, deep-sea oil and gas exploration on how to overcome the problem immediately become "offshore Daqing "in-depth implementation of the key. Deep-sea oil exploration in deepwater cementing operation is the basis for the exploitation of oil. In deepwater low temperatures, the conventional cement slurry system does not even appear retarding condensate phenomenon, easy to deepwater drilling huge potential risks, a major technical problem which is China's deep- sea oil exploration.Provided by the mine hospital air glass beads products in China's deep-ocean mining technology research trials performed well and successfully applied Zhejiang Zhoushan sea wells. At the same time, the mine hospital research team took advantage of master bead technology successfully developed hollow glass beads polyurethane materials, to effectively solve the problem of subsea pipeline transportation of crude oil holding time. Dedicated to the land of deep oil well cementing materials performance hollow glass microspheres has also begun to use in Xinjiang Oilfield. Numerous domestic oil users have also expressed interest, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other units have conducted a series of tests and achieved good results.

Based on the world with innovative strength.  the mine is not the first hospital started to develop hollow glass beads business, but the difference lies in the "high performance." "There are a lot of glass beads on the market now, but its quality and performance, there are gaps.
"Our aim is the world's leading-edge technology, the world's leading-edge products, we use the most advanced hollow glass microsphere material pioneered a new strategic service China, again the global launch of China's high-performance hollow glass beads products, let the world know China's as good as the product. "Xu Chuanhua"said. In order to continue to stabilize, market, Xuchuan Hua and his research group is still on the product for further development: Continue to improve the product line, and continuously improve product quality, efforts to extend the industrial chain, because "Innovation is endless."

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