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Grain tank insulation fire new paint

2015-01-26 04:18:53 2072
Food storage is an effective measure to prepare for war, national, famine or other unexpected sudden incident taken, so the storage of food is important. The main factors affecting food storage temperature and humidity, but also the interlinkages between the two, so as to ensure the safe storage of food must be processed granary fire insulation, thermal insulation materials will be more applications in the building's exterior surface insulation, tank depots barn wait. In recent years, there are a lot of insulation materials, for example, such as foam, mineral wool products, foam glass, expanded perlite insulation, powder slurry EPS insulation particles, mineral cotton spray foam insulation products, cement and composite silicate insulation paint, and gradually being recognized, but there are still shortcomings of unresolved issues and the material itself.
Insulation waterproof coating is selected primarily with excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance, the use of nano-ceramic hollow glass microsphere as filler, attached to the titanium dioxide as a reflective material, the hollow nano-ceramic combination arrangement obtained more a coating film constituted of solar heat it 400-1800nm range of visible and near infrared region with high reflectance, while the introduction of low thermal conductivity of air in the coating film to the microporous layer isolated heat transfer. So by significantly strengthening impedance reflecting solar heat and convection transfer, can effectively reduce the radiation heat transfer and convection heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the surface heat balance, insulation rating to R-30.1, heat reflectivity of 90%, the thermal conductivity of 0.04W/mK, can effectively inhibit the radiant heat of the sun and infrared, thermal inhibition efficiency up to 90%, in the open sun radiating surface temperature can drop by more than 30 percent, the largest decline in the temperature up to 20℃ . For small cracks covering objects have a good waterproof, anti-leakage effect, additional brushing the metal surface, while the thermal insulation coating can prevent air, water and other contacts, to some extent, to prevent metal corrosion and prolong the the useful life of metal objects.
Construction fireproof insulation coating is extremely easy: first brushing the surface was subjected to surface cleaning work, after brushing points over insulation coating, place some time until the paint is fully cured. Reflective insulation insulation coating not only effectively, but also a good waterproof, moisture, corrosion, UV aging, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray and other properties, the material no harmful material composition, a cured product content, ductility , good adhesion, easy construction, long life, etc., can be widely in construction, chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, storage, transportation, aerospace and other industries, mainly for insulation, or insulation (cold ) of the occasion, the coating has good adhesion, simple construction, can be used in steel, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium, reinforced concrete, stone, wood, brick, ceramics, glass, textiles, plastics, paper and various material surfaces. Is a relatively high cost of insulation waterproof fire anti-corrosion insulation enzyme acid green energy coatings.
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