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Glass Bubbles for Plastic and Rubber

2018-10-18 14:15:24 2175

More comfortable shoes. More fuel efficient cars. More environmentally sustainable packaging. In all of these ways and more, one tiny product is making a big difference. From sporting goods to sports cars, glass bubbles are helping plastics processors, OEM manufacturers and end users by enabling plastic and rubber products that are lighter and more dimensionally stable. Made faster. With less waste.

High-strength, low-density glass bubbles are used as lightweighting additives in a wide variety of polymers and applications. These hollow glass microspheres help reduce final part weight while maintaining or improving processing characteristics and physical properties. Glass bubbles are engineered to withstand the temperatures and pressures of compounding, injection molding, extrusion and other manufacturing processes.

There are hundreds of current and potential applications for glass bubbles, and their advantages go far beyond lightweighting. Their spherical shape and material properties provide a number of unique enhancements to help you meet your weight reduction targets – all while expanding freedom of design.