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Experimental investigation of the hydrostatic compression of a hollow glass microspheres

2021-09-26 14:37:36 650

An experimental study was performed on a new composite material, namely, a hollow glass microsphere/epoxy resin composite material.

As a new type of solid buoyancy material, the proposed hollow glass microsphere/composite material is promising for use in submersible, deep‐sea oil risers. This hollow glass microsphere/composite material has many advantages, including the ability to bear extreme temperature, corrosion, and hydrostatic pressure up to tens of megapascals.

In this study, the hydrostatic compression properties of six different mass filling ratio samples were tested based on an advanced triaxial testing system with varying temperatures. Some basic parameters, such as density, axial and radial stress‐strain curves, and volume strain, were obtained. The elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio were subjected to nonlinear fitting.

Additionally, the elastic‐plastic performance was analyzed according to the residual strain. A new method to characterize the properties of the material is proposed. These data will be used to develop new constitutive models and to predict the structural strain in engineering applications under high hydrostatic compression.

This article comes from x-mol edit released