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Enhanced Thermal Insulation of the Hollow Glass Microspheres

2021-09-06 13:37:57 629

Glass fiber fabrics/hollow glass microspheres-waterborne polyurethane (WPU) were prepared using glass fiber, WPU, and hollow glass microspheres as skeleton material, binder, and insulation filler, respectively, to study the effect of hollow glass microspheres on the thermal insulation performance of glass fiber fabrics.

Scanning electron microscopy, Instron 3367 tensile test instrument, thermal constant analysis, and infrared thermal imaging were used to determine the cross-sectional morphology, mechanical property, thermal conductivity, and thermal insulation property, respectively, of the developed materials. The results show that the addition of hollow glass microspheres mixed in WPU significantly enhanced thermal insulation performance of the textile composite with the reduction of thermal conductivity of 45.2% when the volume ratio of hollow glass microspheres to WPU is 0.8 compared with that of material without hollow glass microspheres.

The composite can achieve the thermal insulation effect with a temperature difference of 17.74 °C at the temperature field of 70 °C. Meanwhile, the tensile strength of the composite is improved from 14.16 to 22.14 MPa. With these results, it is confirmed that designing hollow glass microspheres is an effective way to develop and enhance the high performance of insulation materials with an obvious lightweight of the bulk density reaching about 50%.

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