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Concrete with Addition of Hollow Glass Microspheres

2020-01-13 16:24:18 1635

The addition of hollow glass microspheres is interesting to reduce the thermal conductivity of the concrete pieces. This work aims to evaluate the concrete with addition of hollow glass microsphere with different combinations of dosage in concrete concerning strength and workability.

Slump tests were performed in each dosage of concrete in order to evaluate the effect of glass microspheres in concrete mix. In each age of curing concrete, bodies-specimens underwent ultrasound to estimate the homogeneity of concrete with hollow glass microspheres, and testing of compressive strength.

The analysis of the results shows that for some formulations, the addition of hollow glass microspheres imparts high mechanical strength to compressive strength above 30MPa at all analyzed cure periods. The workability of the concrete had to be substantially reduced, showing no workability improvement due to the addition of hollow glass microsphere.

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