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Advantages of The Physical Characteristics of Hollow Glass Microspheres

2022-09-21 11:48:53 358
The hollow glass microspheres soda lime borosilicate composition makes it chemically stable, inert, thereby granting them safely as filler or as additives, without having to worry that it will react with the base material or other material, and other except alkali chemicals.

A perfectly spherical to confer excellent consistency, resulting in inconsistent processing due to stress and warpage and shrinkage. 

The hollow glass microspheres are tiny balls in a liquid, like miniature ball bearings, rather than flakes, needle-shaped or irregularly shaped packing has good liquidity, the resulting micro-ball effect, mixture viscosity, molding natural excellent performance; Good workability, productivity can be 10%~20%. 

Perfect of spherical makes its has minimum of than surface area, so its sucking oil volume low, and General fill material calcium carbonate compared, hollow glass microspheres of sucking oil rate/volume to low have more, different model products each 100 grams of sucking oil rate in 7~40 mg Zhijian, and each 100 grams light calcium carbonate of sucking oil rate up to 120~130 mg, heavy quality calcium carbonate also up to 50~60 mg. Reducing the amount of resin, and because it can play the role of resin to increase liquidity, only as a substrate instead of filling of resin processing, thus reducing the amount of resin. 

Because of the size distribution of Hollow glass microspheres, tiny microspheres of fills a big gap microspheres, which makes the solid content of the increase, while its very low volatility, also reduces the VOC.