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Friends who have drank Moutai’s wine all know that there are two glass beads at the Moutai wine bottle. The glass is high and the purity is called glass crystal, also known as artificial crystal.

Because Moutai Town lives in the inland, the transportation of Moutai is very troublesome. Adding beads to the bottle mouth can effectively prevent large -scale leakage in transportation.
Small glass beads and small glass beads will reduce the flow of wine and avoid unnecessary waste caused by excessive alcohol.
And the wine falls slowly, and the time to wait for the wine is longer. You can have more time to chat and create a pleasant drinking atmosphere.
Moutai wine is mellow and rich, with glass beads blocked, which can reduce the contact area between wine and air and prevent wine from exuding.
With the barrier of beads, it is difficult to add fake wine directly. There are too many people who have fake wine now, and even Moutai wine bottles have risen. 53 degrees flying Moutai empty bottle without damaging the beads in the bottle can be sold for 200 yuan. It can be seen that this little bead is also a very important existence in the process of making fake wine.

Warm reminder: If you ca n’t fall out of the wine, first shoot with your palms at the bottom of the bottle, because of the weather, this bead will be attracted by the air. After Moutai was completely ca n’t come out, throw away the bottle, pry open the bottle mouth, take out two glass beads, and pour out Moutai’s small cup with co -marking wine.

Space sand made of glass beads,this is a dynamic sand that mimics the actual sand texture.

Glass beads can be used to create space sand because they are smooth and uniform in size, which allows them to flow and behave like sand when they are compressed or molded. Unlike actual sand, glass beads are not porous, so they won’t absorb moisture or bacteria, making them a safer option for children to play with.

However, it’s important to note that glass beads can be sharp and potentially dangerous if they break or shatter, so it’s essential to use high-quality, durable beads and supervise children during playtime.

Overall, space sand made of glass beads can be a fun and educational way to teach children about space and the properties of materials while providing a tactile and sensory experience.

Reflective glass beads are widely used in reflective materials such as reflective cloth, reflective coating, reflective webbing, screen printing, reflective hot-melt film, reflective leather, reflective wire, reflective ink, reflective paint high-strength reflective film, etc.

Ingredients: silicon dioxide, barium carbonate, titanium dioxide, etc

Appearance: white, gray reflective sphere reflector

Refractive index: nd ≥ 1.97, nd ≥ 1.93, nd ≥ 2.2

Specification: 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 280 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh

Transparency: ≥ 95%

Roundness: ≥ 95%

Features: good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent reflective effect,

Density: 4.1g/cm3

Temperature resistance: ≥ 850 ℃

Oil absorption: 28 ± 2.5g/100g

PH value: 6-7

Adding proportion: oil blending 15-30%

Storage method: ventilated, dry and sealed



Colored glass beads have uniform particle size, round particles, rich colors and beautiful colors. Good compatibility with various resins, with good color fastness, acid resistance, chemical solvent resistance, heat resistance, low oil absorption and other characteristics. It is widely used in many kinds of products such as architectural decoration, sewing agents, children’s toys, handicrafts, lighting, etc.


How to Reduce Density of Rubber Vacuum Glass Bead Foaming Agent Special for Rubber Weight Reduction

Why rubber has high density;

The density of the rubber without filler is 0.9g/cm, but the rubber needs to add inorganic filler because of its strength, temperature resistance, shrinkage resistance, cost reduction and other characteristics. The filler density is generally 2.5-3.6, which will greatly increase the weight, leading to the rubber density exceeding the standard.

Inorganic filler powder

Methods for reducing the density of rubber;

The vacuum glass beads are added to the rubber. The density of the vacuum glass beads is 0.23-0.28g/cm, 3-5 times lighter than the rubber. The compressive strength is 35-42MPA. It has high strength and does not crush. It can be filled into rubber and other materials to effectively reduce the weight to meet the density standard.

Vacuum glass beads are often used to replace foaming agents in rubber soles. Because of their high strength, strong weather resistance, high hardness, and strong aging resistance, vacuum glass beads will not collapse for a long time after they are made into soles, delaying their service life.

Real shot of vacuum glass bead

Why vacuum glass beads can reduce weight;

Vacuum glass bead is a kind of bubble type ultra-fine inorganic powder. The microscopic view is closed spherical hollow particles. The glass bead is filled into the resin, plastic and rubber to achieve foaming effect and effectively reduce the product density.

Vacuum glass bead morphology;

Vacuum glass bead is a kind of low density inorganic white solid powder, which is made by chemical method. It presents spherical vacuum powder under a microscope. The density of conventional products is generally 0.15-0.8g/cm, and it is often used for thermal insulation coatings, plastic foaming, rubber weight reduction, etc.

Plastic anti warping glass beads;

The vacuum glass bead can prevent warping, reduce shrinkage, resist high temperature, fire and other characteristics after being added into the plastic. The recommended usage is 7-20%, which is adjusted according to the product characteristics.

Vacuum glass beads are widely used;

It can be used for reflective coatings, silica gel pads, silica gel products, resins, thermal insulation coatings, thermal insulation coatings, thermal insulation layers, thermal insulation paints, thermal insulation intermediate coatings, rubber soles, rubber pads, yoga mats, reflective coatings, thermal insulation coatings, printing coatings, plastic products, plastic plates, wood plastics, man-made boards and other products with wide applications and strong chemical stability.


Q: The role of plastic filled hollow glass beads;

Answer: Hollow glass beads have the effects of low density, insulation, light weight and heat insulation. Adding them to plastics can reduce the weight. Increase liquidity.

Q: The effect of insulating glass beads used in thermal insulation coatings;

Answer: After insulating glass beads are added to the thermal insulation coating, the thermal insulation effect of the coating can be greatly enhanced.

Q: What is added to rubber to reduce density;

Answer: The use of vacuum glass beads can effectively reduce the density, increase the volume and enhance the overall performance of rubber.

Q: What is the thermal conductivity of the vacuum glass bead;

Answer: The special thermal conductivity of nano water-based thermal insulation coating is 0.03, which effectively reduces the performance of 15-25 ℃.

Glass used to be called colored glass because of its twists and turns. When the light passes through the glass, the refracted light is very beautiful. We all know a little about the use of glass, such as cups, windows, decorations, etc. Because of the strong plasticity of glass, it can be made as it is.

Do you know about glass beads? This is a new material that has been developed slowly in recent years. Please see below for the specific use of glass beads.

Use of glass beads:

1、 There are three types of reflective glass beads for roads:

1. It is used for surface spreading during normal temperature and hot melt standard construction, which has a strong reflective effect!

2. As a premixed material, it is premixed in the coating during the production of hot-melt road coating, which can ensure that the marking will reflect light for a long time within its service life

3. This kind of glass bead should be used to sprinkle glass bead on the surface of normal temperature solvent paint marking.

2、 Glass beads for industrial use

1. Purpose

(1) It can be polished on the surface of metal and mould, and can be used as metal abrasive material, which will not damage the working surface and improve the precision of the workpiece.

(2) It can be used for military cleaning and sandblasting, and is used for cleaning turbine, blade, shaft, etc. of aircraft engine.

(3) In the chemical industry, glass beads can be used as additives and reinforcers in the production of plastic, rubber, paint, nylon and other adhesives.

2. Principle

During polishing, compressed air is used as the injection power, glass beads are used as the medium, and the workpiece surface is sprayed at high speed and high pressure for shot peening strengthening and polishing

The processing achieves the purpose of cleaning and improving the processing precision.

3. Advantages

(1) The glass beads made of soda lime glass have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, they have great advantages as polishing and grinding materials compared with other grinding materials.

(2) It will not contaminate the processed metal.

(3) It can speed up the cleaning and restore the original cleanliness and finish of the processing materials.

3、 Other applications

1. Glass beads have been widely used in artificial agate, marble, glass fiber reinforced plastic bowling ball and other composite materials as well as high-grade thermal insulation coatings, which can significantly reduce the weight of products and have good thermal insulation effect.

2. Glass bead is a sensitizer with excellent performance for civil emulsion explosives, which can significantly improve the initiation performance of emulsion explosives and extend the storage period. In addition, hollow glass beads can also be used to increase the volume of putty, improve the grinding performance, and improve the acid and alkali resistance.

It can be seen from the above that the use of glass beads is very extensive. Glass beads are a new type of material. With its slow development, it is believed that glass beads will have more and more uses and will be used in more industries. This is to be explored slowly. And glass beads are also used in zebra crossings on urban traffic roads. Under the sun or light, there will be some light flashing to remind everyone to be careful. As for the future use of glass beads, let’s wait quietly.

Glass microspheres are divided into hollow glass microspheres and solid glass microspheres

1. The main application fields of solid glass microbeads are:
1. Road reflective glass beads:

Road reflective glass beads are divided into internal mixing type and surface scattering type. The internal mixing type is mixed in the paint during the production of road reflective paint, which can ensure the long-term reflection of road markings within the life period.
The surface sprinkler type is used in road marking construction to spread on the surface of the marking line to achieve an instant reflective effect. Road marking glass beads are divided into two specifications: coated and non-coated. Surface-treated coated glass beads are used in road marking construction, which can greatly improve the adhesion between the glass beads and the road marking paint. , Water resistance, enhance the reflectivity of road markings, and have self-cleaning, anti-fouling, moisture-proof and other uses.


2. Shot peening glass beads:

Shot peening glass beads Glass beads used for industrial shot peening and additives can be used on metal surfaces and mold surfaces without damaging the surface of the workpiece and improving the accuracy of the workpiece. It is used for cleaning and polishing of metal metal, plastic, jewelry, precision casting and other objects. It is a high-grade finishing material commonly used at home and abroad.





3. Grinding glass beads:

Grinding glass beads have the advantages of good chemical stability, mechanical strength and hardness, surface finish, good fluidity, low abrasion, easy industrial and mining control, etc. As abrasive materials, they are widely used in chemical materials, coatings, pigments, food, medicine and other fields.






4. Glass beads for decoration:

Glass microbeads, glass sand and colored glass microbeads for handicrafts are ideal materials for garment printing, garment heat transfer, Christmas tree surface decoration, artificial fruit, artificial flower crafts surface decoration, and hourglass quicksand manufacturing.






5. Filling:

Glass beads are also widely used as a new type of material in various fields such as medical equipment and nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, and aviation. Such as additives, enhancers and so on.



2. The main application fields of hollow glass microspheres are:

1. The color is pure white, which can be widely used in any products that have requirements on the appearance color.
2. The specific gravity is light, and the density of hollow glass microspheres is about one tenth of the density of traditional filler particles. After filling, the basis weight of the product can be greatly reduced, more production resins can be replaced and saved, and the product cost can be reduced.
3. Lipophilic, hollow glass microspheres are easy to wet and disperse, and can be filled in most thermosetting thermoplastic resins, such as polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane, etc.
4. Good fluidity. Since hollow glass microspheres are tiny spheres, they have better fluidity in liquid resins than flake, needle or irregular fillers, so they have excellent mold filling performance. More importantly, the small microbeads are isotropic, so there is no disadvantage of inconsistent shrinkage rates in different parts due to orientation, which ensures the dimensional stability of the product and will not warp.
5. Heat and sound insulation, the hollow glass beads are thin gas inside, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation, and it is an excellent filler for various thermal insulation and sound insulation products. The insulating properties of hollow glass microspheres can also be used to protect products from thermal shock caused by alternating between rapid heating and rapid cooling conditions. High specific resistance and extremely low water absorption make it widely used in the production of cable insulation materials.
6. The oil absorption rate is low. The particles of the sphere determine that it has the smallest specific surface area and low oil absorption rate. During use, the amount of resin can be greatly reduced. Even under the premise of high addition amount, the viscosity will not increase a lot, which is greatly improved. The production operating conditions can be improved, and the production efficiency can be increased by 10% to 20%.

Article Source:HS glass beads

Observing glass beads under a microscope

Fine-grained glass microbeads cannot see their unique circular state with the naked eye, but can only be seen under a microscope and roughly see their circularity.

40 mesh solid glass beads with a rounding rate greater than 85%

40-mesh glass beads with a rounding rate greater than 80%

200 mesh solid glass beads

hollow glass beads

325 mesh glass beads with a rounding rate greater than 90%

FROM:HS glass beads



Widely used in glass and steel products, composite foam, artificial marble, synthetic wood, sound insulation materials, putty, deep-sea buoyancy material, bowling, low density adhesives, sealants, lightweight resin crafts, mural wall picture frames, wall panels sandwich structure, electronic light industrial packaging materials, absorbing materials, lightweight concrete, emulsion explosives.

Hollow glass beads spherical structure makes the impact force and stress have a good dispersion, added to the paint can well improve the resistance to external impact properties of the film, and the coating can be reduced due to thermal expansion and contraction the stress cracking.

Filling the hollow glass microspheres can effectively reduce other expensive fillers and pigments dosage (compare with titanium dioxide, but its volume costs beads 1/5) effectively enhance the adhesion of the coating. Low oil absorption properties of glass beads so that more resin can participate in film formation, so that the adhesion of the coating increased 3 to 4 times.

Hollow glass beads, high melting point, greatly improving the coating temperature resistance, play a good role in the fire, hollow glass beads bearing spherical particles play a role, friction is small, can enhance the flow properties of the coating film, so construction easier.