Widely used in glass and steel products, composite foam, artificial marble, synthetic wood, sound insulation materials, putty, deep-sea buoyancy material, bowling, low density adhesives, sealants, lightweight resin crafts, mural wall picture frames, wall panels sandwich structure, electronic light industrial packaging materials, absorbing materials, lightweight concrete, emulsion explosives.

Hollow glass beads spherical structure makes the impact force and stress have a good dispersion, added to the paint can well improve the resistance to external impact properties of the film, and the coating can be reduced due to thermal expansion and contraction the stress cracking.

Filling the hollow glass microspheres can effectively reduce other expensive fillers and pigments dosage (compare with titanium dioxide, but its volume costs beads 1/5) effectively enhance the adhesion of the coating. Low oil absorption properties of glass beads so that more resin can participate in film formation, so that the adhesion of the coating increased 3 to 4 times.

Hollow glass beads, high melting point, greatly improving the coating temperature resistance, play a good role in the fire, hollow glass beads bearing spherical particles play a role, friction is small, can enhance the flow properties of the coating film, so construction easier.