Hollow glass beads, high melting point, greatly improving the coating temperature resistance, play a good role in the fire, hollow glass beads bearing spherical particles play a role, friction is small, can enhance the flow properties of the coating film, so construction easier.

Suggested Use:
Generally added in an amount of 10% by weight of the whole surface-treated beads and low density, so that the paint during storage prone to viscosity increases and the floating phenomenon, we propose to increase the initial viscosity of the coating increases thickener (via the added amount of the viscosity control in 140KU above), and not because the viscosity is too low to generate the floating phenomenon, and each system in the particulate material in a decrease in activity due to the high viscosity of such a case, but is conducive to the stability of viscosity control.

Proposal to add the following methods:
In order to take full advantage of the characteristics of the hollow microspheres, recommended adding a last resort, that is added to the beads into the final as low speed mixing equipment dispersed using low shear force, because the spherical beads mobility well, between the friction is not large, so it is easy to disperse. You can complete a short wet, slightly extended mixing time to achieve uniform dispersion.

Beads chemically inert, non-toxic. However, because of a very light, so they need special attention added. Recommended stepwise addition method, which is the amount for each remaining 1/2 beads gradually added, this can be good to avoid beads float into the air and dispersed more complete.