Investigation of hollow glass microspheres (HGB) type and amount, type and amount of silane coupling agent and other effects of hollow glass microspheres / low-density polyethylene (LDPE) density and mechanical properties of composite materials. The results showed that: 20 parts of glass beads is more appropriate dosage; coupling agent A-172 glass beads treatment is better than KH550; when the A-172 dosage of 1.0% optimum mechanical properties of composite materials, including impact strength than before treatment increased by 24%, the tensile strength than before treatment increased by 18%; scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed significant improvement in A-172 glass beads combined with LDPE interface. Hollow glass beads for weight loss is not as LDPE LDPE chemical foaming obvious, but it can better take into account the “light” and mechanical performance requirements.


In the automotive industry, construction industry and other applications, often need to avoid a significant reduction in the mechanical properties of plastics on the basis of the original as much as possible to reduce weight and reduce costs. Effective method of reducing the density foamed plastics modification, adding lightweight fillers. The use of azo dimethylamine (AC) chemical blowing agents for foamed plastics modification, can significantly reduce the density of the material, but there are difficult to accurately control the degree of foaming, nonuniform cell structure and other drawbacks, resulting mechanical properties (tensile strength, modulus, etc.) deteriorate.By adding a lightweight filler material way to reduce the weight of these problems can be avoided. Typical lightweight filler is hollow glass beads. This is a powdered inorganic filler, can be taken directly from the glass system, it can also be isolated from coal ash. Its microscopic structure wrapped with a certain amount of gas in the thin-walled, closed microspheres, the relative density is generally 0.4 to 0.7, lower than usual relative density of plastics. Hollow glass microspheres have a smooth spherical surface, it can reduce the weight of the material at the same time, improve mobility and surface quality composites. Hollow glass beads also has a low thermal conductivity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and controllable size advantage.