Hollow glass microspheres developed in recent years, are a new type of materials which shows a greater use and an outstanding performance. The product, made mainly from borosilicate, is a hollow microspheres whose grain size is 10-250 micron and wall-thickness 1-2 micron.

Hollow glass microspheres have many advantages substantial weight saving, low heat conductivity, high mechanical strength and fine chemical stability. With treated specially, hollow glass microspheres have the properties of lipophilicity and hydrophobicity and are very easily dispersed in organic materials such as resin. It is widely used in the composite materials such as FRP(fiber reinforced plastics),man-made marble and man-made agate.

Hollow glass microspheres have the distinct results of decreasing weight, sound insulation and heat preservation, thus the products have the excellent performances of anti-crazing and re-processing. Hollow glass microspheres are widely to be used in a range of fields such as aviation, space, new bullet train, luxurious yacht, heat insulating dope, bowling balls and play a unique role.