This new type of hollow glass microspheres are low in density and high in strength, which are able to resist high temperature and acid / alkali corrosion, and show low thermal conductivity and nice electrical insulation.

Hollow glass microsphere is a cross-functional frontier material that can be added to a variety of substrate materials to improve their performances (such as weight-reduction) and environmental benefits (such as building thermal insulation).

Especially under the background of striving to achieve the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization” goal, researching and promoting the application of multi-specification hollow glass microspheres in building paints, industrial coatings, cementing slurry, sealants and adhesives, modified plastics, rubber-based products, epoxy tooling board, emulsion explosives, artificial stones and other fields, is of great strategic significance to carbon emission reduction, chemicals storage, aviation and aerospace, petroleum and natural gas mining, 5G communications and military industry for our country.