These types of plastics are made by melt blending that includes Poly PCL which has hollow glass microspheres incorporated inside them. Further, with the added effect of treatments such as silanization on the hollow glass sphere, there is a difference brought in the properties of the silanized sphere vs. the unsilanized sphere. The analysis with silanization reflects that the dissemination of glass particles in the matrix of polymer in every case of a filer which is good, the silanized hollow glass microsphere showed a matrix adhesion.

In terms of its thermal nature, it is shown that the rate of crystallization is significantly enhanced and the stability also is enhanced as compared to a PCL without hollow glass microspheres. By adding the hollow glass sphere the mechanical nature of the product is altered which leads to an increase in the stiffness of the material. The tensile strength especially enhances quite significantly in comparison to untreated PCL. This behaviour observes by the hollow glass microsphere filled composites is the tensile strength is enhanced and with the addition of a silane agent the matrix adhesion is also improved.

Research shows that by incorporating 20% wt. of hollow glass microsphere the density is decreased by about 12% compared to a PCL without microspheres. With plastics the lightweight materials when reduced in density do not lose out on any mechanical properties, it remains intact. Hollow glass microspheres in this regard are one of the most effective and very affordable glass microspheres which have multiple uses.