Hollow glass microsphere that also known as vitrified small ball is a kind of micron-sized hollow sphere with smooth surface, its main chemical composition is soda lime borosilicate glass, and the natural accumulation state of them is white light inorganic powder. Composition and hollow structure endow the microspheres with unique properties different from other inorganic non-metallic or hollow materials.

In addition to low density, high compressive strength, high temperature or corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, nice fluidity and chemical stability, advantages such as non-toxic, odorless, electric insulation, sound-proofing, anti-radiation, self-lubrication and easy surface modification are also showed by hollow glass microspheres.

These characteristics make hollow glass microspheres widely used as additives in many fields, such as water-based lightweight building insulation paint, low-density drilling fluids and cementing slurry, lightweight components in aerospace and vehicles, ship floating block and coatings, electronic components, high molecular composite materials, putty powder, artificial marble, and natural / synthetic products, etc.