hollow glass microspheres can be used in paints and coatings, sealants and adhesives, rubber, plastic, FRP, artificial stone, putty and other products as filler and weight-reducing agent. The glass bubbles can also be used to produce high-strength, low-density cement slurry and low-density drilling fluidity in oil and gas extraction industry. more and more industries are trying to test the hollow glass spheres as additives to improve the products’ properties.

        1. a. lightweight cement, low-density oil well cementing slurry & low-density drilling fluids additive.
        1. b. low-density FRP(fiberglass-reinforced plastic), SMC, BMC composites.
        1. c. Nylon, PA, PA6, PA66 for reducing weight.
        1. d. low-density adhesives & sealants.
        1. e. heat insulation paints and coatings.
        1. f.  Construction (reducing warpage/shrinkage).
        1. g. Insulation and Buoyancy.
        1. h. artificial marble.